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The Tragedy Of Shortsightedness

If you’ve read the Old Testament then you may remember the story of King Hezekiah. He was a reformer, a righteous king whom we praise for his trust in God … Continue reading

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A Missional Response To Accepting Syrian Refugees

I have only a few random thoughts about the Syrian refugee crisis. My perspective is not political, rather, it is missional. While I understand that ISIS fighters could be entering … Continue reading

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When Your Faith Isn’t Public, It’s Not Likely To Be Private Either

When your faith isn’t public, it’s not likely to be private either. Let me explain. The notion of a “private faith” is a very western, even a very American idea. We’ve all … Continue reading

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Does God Do Evil? The Answer Might Surprise You

On June 27th, 2015 I wrote an article called, Death Was God’s Idea: Understanding Functional Good And Evil. While that article focused on the usefulness of death in the created … Continue reading

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Sorry Bernie, But Jesus Was Not A Socialist

Jesus was not a socialist, nor do his teachings fit into a socialist framework. Here’s why. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, socialism is “A way of organizing a society in … Continue reading

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The Case For A Biblical Capitalism

In following the news of the presidential race, it is alarming to see how those on the left side of the political spectrum either fail to understand how economy works, … Continue reading

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You Don’t Have To Be Useless. Use These Three Things To Change People’s Lives

During a home Bible study I attended recently, someone asked the question, “How do I know what God has given me to use for his kingdom?” There were a lot … Continue reading

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About Our Ministry

Thanks for visiting our website. I’ve been in Christian media since 1983 working in radio, television, and the Internet in Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, Turkey, and Mongolia. Now the Lord has given … Continue reading

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Solomon Killed His Brother, And Guess What Jesus Will Do?

Have you ever wondered why the Old Testament tells stories of Israeli kings who killed the other members of their royal families? In ages past it was a practice used … Continue reading

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What Does Abortion Say About Us?

I believe that abortion is the most important social issue of our day. There are few issues that tell us more about our society. Abortion is important because allowing the … Continue reading

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I Like To Fight

Confession time. I like a good fight. Not a punch you in the face, knock you out fight. Rather, I like a good argument. I like trying to match my … Continue reading

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Why The Rapture Won’t Happen Today, And Why It Won’t Happen Anytime Soon

Perhaps you’ve seen the social media posts and blogs recently that claimed or came near to claiming that the rapture of the church was going to happen today (September 23, … Continue reading

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The Mongolian Worldview: A Foreigner’s Perspective on It’s Origins & Practical Expressions

The following article is an edited version of a paper I wrote for my Worldview class earlier this year. The paper received an A. Once the greatest land empire in … Continue reading

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The Quest To Dehumanize

What do you think of yourself? How do you define your humanity? Do you think of your limitations, your flaws of character, your sin? What do you call yourself? Adulterer? … Continue reading

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A Hero’s Options

When it came to the order of Darius to pray to no one but him for 30 days, Daniel had several options he could have taken. As a government employee… … Continue reading

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Why County Clerk Kim Davis Is A Hero

The ruckus over Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis has lit up social media. She’s the latest victim in the federal government’s efforts that cause many Christians to take a stand for … Continue reading

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Parallels: You Are In The Bible

In the scripture there are many parallels or contrasts from parts of the Old Testament to one another, and to the New Testament, even to Jesus. But some of the … Continue reading

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Killing A Tribe To Save A Nation

How far will America go before God says, “That’s enough?” When will America take a long hard look at it’s sin and confess it to a holy and loving God? … Continue reading

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