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Killing A Tribe To Save A Nation

How far will America go before God says, “That’s enough?” When will America take a long hard look at it’s sin and confess it to a holy and loving God? … Continue reading

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I Know Your Secret Feelings

Christian, using my powers of perception I have discovered your secret feelings about church. Really. I know the emotions about your church experience that you hide away, afraid for anyone … Continue reading

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What I’m Learning From My Adult Kids

It’s been a few years that my children have been out on their own. As I think about their upbringing and what I wanted them to know about life I’m … Continue reading

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There’s Never Been A Better Time To Be Involved In The Great Commission Than Right Now

There has never been a better time to get involved with helping to fulfill the Great Commission. Regardless of what you see on the news about the state of our … Continue reading

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Natural Disasters Are Part Of God’s Fine-Tuning To Support Life On Earth

In follow up to my recent article on Functional Good & Evil, I’d like to present a brief explanation on how natural disasters are good for life on earth. There … Continue reading

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The Archeological Evidence For The Exodus Is Overwhelming

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the documentary, Patterns Of Evidence: Exodus. It was recently released on iTunes. So far, I’ve watched it twice. It was fascinating to learn about the many … Continue reading

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The Bible Is My Constitution And Jesus Is My King

I recently posted on Facebook a short statement about my feelings regarding the Bible and Jesus. To me it was a straight forward, simple statement about God being the supreme … Continue reading

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My Friend Bob…The Monster

Bob was into mining. He had been around the world, seen a lot of things, and did a lot of international business. As Bob and Jack sat in the restaurant … Continue reading

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What Does The Bible Say About Cecil The Lion?

In light of the protests of the killing of Cecil, an African lion, I was driven back to scripture to consider the question of hunting for sport. What does the … Continue reading

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Abortion Memes

The abortionist can be forgiven from behind bars. The nation that made the defeat of the Nazi war machine possible is now the nation that has committed worse atrocities than … Continue reading

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Pleasure Is The Noose Around Our Neck

What is going on in America? We live in a nation that kills the unborn without remorse, yet are outraged when a dentist shoots a lion. We are shocked by … Continue reading

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Death Was God’s Idea: Understanding Functional Good And Evil

Why does a good God permit evil in the world that he created? I’d like to suggest that what we sometimes think of as morally evil is, in fact, not … Continue reading

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The Burden of Proof Is On The Atheist

I recently had an online discussion with a young atheist who was under the impression that as a theist, the burden of proof is upon me to prove his accusations … Continue reading

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What We Can Learn From Donald Trump

(UPDATED. SEE BELOW) Some people think he’s a buffoon. But he didn’t build a billion dollar empire by being an idiot. Some people think he’s making a mockery of our … Continue reading

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Even Sin Points Us To Jesus

In the book of Luke 24:27, Luke writes that “Beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, [Jesus] interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself.” This passage … Continue reading

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No Place

There is no place in the New Testament where a sin in the moral law of the Old Testament was turned over to become a right behavior, commended by God, … Continue reading

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Why Are Christians So Dang Political?

Why are conservative Christians so big on traditional values? It’s because we recognize that family, marriage, hard work, and sacrifice are foundational to a society. Our purpose is not to … Continue reading

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Perhaps Independence Day Should Not Be A Celebration

Technically, Independence Day is not about the First Amendment. But the principles within the First Amendment were foundational to the thirteen American colonies and they eventually were enshrined in the … Continue reading

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